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Line 6 Spider Valve Amp Head & Cabinet


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From shimmering clean to insane grind the Bogner Spider Valve HD100 lets your music out to its true glory. With 12 amp models, 4 channels and 7 effects, this Line 6 Bogner Spider Valve gets as versatile, so just get on with your jamming! The built-in front panel tuner of this Line 6 guitar amp offers controls that are instantly within reach. The Bogner Spider Valve HD100's awesome performance is as powerful as 100W – so crank it if you don't love your hearing. The POD XLR direct out of this Line 6 Spider Valve is simply perfect for the studio direct tone. The smart leather work of this Line 6 guitar amp not just gives it a classy feel, but also keeps it unharmed for years.

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