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Premier Performance Bari Horn BC

Ed Sueta Music Publications offers a band method called Premier Performance® that is designed to provide band directors with effective and logically sequenced instructional materials for young instrumentalists1. Here are some key features of Premier Performance®: Comprehensive Approach: Premier Performance® is an innovative and comprehensive band method that focuses on developing three cornerstones of outstanding musicianship: Superior Tone Quality Accurate Rhythm Reading Skills Technical Facility Rhythmic Emphasis: The method places strong emphasis on rhythmic development, recognizing that this can be a significant challenge for first and second-year students. Accompaniments: Premier Performance® Book One and Book Two offer instrument-specific downloadable accompaniments. These accompaniment tracks include: A professional musician playing the melody line (so students can hear and emulate their own instrument’s sound). Background accompaniment tracks (to allow students to play independently). Additional Resources: Band Director’s Resource Manual: Provides guidance for addressing common problems, page-by-page suggestions for student method books, rhythm charts, music theory pages, and historical descriptions of various time periods. CD ROM: Included for easy reproduction of student material. Availability: Premier Performance® is also available on PracticeFirst™ and SmartMusic®.

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