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Dream Eclipse ECLPHH15 15" Hi Hat Cymbals

Dream Eclipse 15" Hi Hat Cymbals

The Dream Eclipse series of cymbals are made entirely by hand. The Eclipse cymbals are created by firing the cymbals in an oven and hand hammering before immersing the cymbal in a saltwater bath. After the metal is soaked, it returns to the oven and is re-fired before coming out and getting treated with a Bliss style lathe on the outer edges. This process gives the cymbal two unique and versatile sound worlds - articulate and bright when played on or around the raw un-lathed bell and center, with the outer edges adding a beautiful wash and a world of complex overtones. The Eclipse Series provides a dry articulate center zone with an outer area that has a darker undertone and a broad, solid wash.

  • Bright enough to cut through any musical setting.
  • Clean bark and shimmering slosh.
  • Tight Bliss style lathe pattern on the outer 5 inches.
  • Hand-hammered B20 bronze
  • Big 15? full-bodied Hi-hats

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