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Scherl and Roth R101E N19921 1/4 Violin Outfit

Scherl & Roth has built a tradition and legacy of fine craftsmanship, meticulous shop adjusted standards, and a focus on value for the student musician. These instruments continue to display the high standards Heinrich Roth brought from Germany and remain the favorite of educators for their reliability, playability, sound and construction:

  • Solid carved spruce top provides an excellent sound board
  • Maple back and sides enhance greater projection as well as a refined tonal quality
  • True ebony pegs and fingerboard (not stained hardwood) facilitates reliable function and playability for many years
  •  Full hand inlaid purfling (not painted) protects the solid top and back plates from splitting damage and demonstrates an attention to detail that other brands overlook.
  • The lacquer varnish gives durability for beginning students not yet familiar with the delicate nature of a stringed instrument
  • Each instrument is set up by hand in our Cleveland Ohio facility to   meet or exceed MENC (school requirements) for student instruments to give the player the best possible performance experience and inspiration.
  • USA installed D?Addario Prelude strings provide a better tonal quality, longer string life and maximum playability.
  • A good quality maple French Aubert bridge is carved so the feet match the top plate curvatures closely to transfer the most string vibration possible to produce the best tone and volume.
  • A composite tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners makes the fine tuning of all strings easy and convenient for the student and teacher.
  • A fiberglass bow gives the student a reliable camber without warping.
  • The Mongolian horsehair ensures that the rosin adheres well and gives an even draw to the bow across the strings.
  • The tough student friendly thermoplastic case with aluminum valance is an industry standard to protect the instrument from weather elements and minor mishaps.
  • "Roth instrument is Set-up & Ready!

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