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Rental Plan FAQs

Congratulations on your child's choice to participate in school music!
                 As you may already be aware of the benefits of music education are plentiful & hope you enjoy this exciting time together

While exploring your options, whether to rent or buy, be sure to consider the following:

Circumstances Change:
What if you relocate to an area where a school music program is not offered?
What if your child does not enjoy band and decides not to continue?
         If you purchased an instrument, you have 2 choices: Sell the instrument or stash it in the closet.

         If you rented an instrument, Veritas Instrument Rental allows you the option of returning at any time while under the rental plan.

Exchange Options:
What if the instrument isn't the right fit for your child, or your child just doesn't like the instrument?
        If you purchased an instrument, you may end up with "band of instruments" before finding the right one, after spending a good deal of money.

        If you rented an instrument, With Veritas Instrument Rental, you may exchange at any time & rental payments follow the instrument.

Repair & Replacement Coverage:
Accidents happen, a mouthpiece gets stuck,horn gets are covered! A free loaner instrument will be given while your instrument is being repaired*
        If you purchased an instrument, you are responsible for all repairs.

Purchase Option:
When you are ready to purchase, you will receive 100% of your rental payments along with a large discount towards an instrument.

How much does it cost to rent an instrument?
       Our affordable plan allows you to try an instrument without a large investment.

Choose from 2 Special Offers: 5 Month or a 9 Month Plan

5 Month Special: You are paying for 1 month and getting 4 months FREE!

9 Month Special: You are paying for 4 month and getting 5 months FREE!

How do I Rent an Instrument?

Rent Online or In Store

How does my child receive their instrument?

Free delivery to school*

Pick up in store or curbside (and receive care & maintenance tips)

What happens when the Special Offer ends?

Pay monthly and continue to receive all the benefits of the plan.*
      Don't forget, the rental portion of your payment is still accumulating
as equity credit until you decide to purchase or return the instrument
         *See Purchase Option
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