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In the 2 octave range, the Musser Bell Lyra features satin silver finish aluminum bars. Bell Lyra are available in three frame weights: light, medium and extra-duty. Complete with mallets, plumes, strap and cover, Bell Lyra are also available with an add-on stand and optional case.

Musser Symphonic Chimes offer outstanding performance and contemporary attractive features. Superbly crafted 1.5-octave chimes are chrome plated or brass polished to deliver outstanding resonance and carrying power. Each seamless tube is suspended by its own stainless steel cable and has a full 11⁄2 inch outside diameter, extra wall thickness and special hardened cap to produce rich, full tone and exceptional volume. Exclusive Musser self-equalizing pressure damper with locking sustain gives the artist complete control. Supplied with rawhide chime mallet and detachable mallet holder

Musser Paduak Practice Marimba 
• 3 Oct. Graduated Paduak Bars
• Portable & Lightweight
• Standard with multi-height X-Frame Stand
• Optional Rolling Carrying Bag Available (M3PMB)
• Designed for the advancing mallet percussionist 

Musser Model M300K

Musser M656 Concert Bells

Musser’s Classic Bells are the finest high-carbon tempered steel, carefully hand tuned with a specially designed bar mounting system to deliver unsurpassed tone, clarity and resonance. The 2.5-octave bars are nickel plated with a satin finish. An optional hand damper on the M646 allows superb control over intricate passages. Classic Bells have a vinyl covered wood case with sturdy steel hinges, latches and double handles for carrying security. Optional stands include a folding table, and a compact folding stand. Another option is the small mallet instrument cart with large swivel casters. The cart is height and length adjustable and retrofits small instrument accessories

Musser M2040 Lightweight Bell Lyra

TheM300K is a 4.3 octave marimba with a square tube steel frame that rolls over any terrain on 8” locking hard rubber casters.  Standard features includes durable Kelon bars, a front-mounted square tube accessory rack with 2 accessory clamps, cast diagonal braces and easy height adjustment from 34” to 44” assisted by gas struts.  The frame and resonators are powder coated for durability.   Rosewood bars are available at additional cost. 

The M300K Performer Marimba carries the American made Musser sound to any performance venue with this all-weather, versatile instrument.

Musser Model M3PM Practice Marimba

Musser M665B Symphonic Chimes