The Wildest Corona

Since 1968, Los Tigres del Norte are a staple for Mexican-American music. Their sonic landscapes, melodizing everything from social injustice to love and betrayal, have made them Norteño icons across the world. With their songs, they manage to touch people from all national and social backgrounds, even non-Spanish-speaking folk.
Always a part of their incredibly popular shows: Jorge and Eduardo Hernández’ HOHNER accordions. Reason enough for us to join forces and create a Los Tigres del Norte signature accordion, designed specifically to their wishes, both in regards to the design and sound. The result is this beautiful accordion with an incredible sound.

The Mystic One

Beautiful melodies float through the air, and the succulent green of the land, the fresh, salty air, and the blue skies do the rest: You drift away, enchanted by the beautiful scenery and the dreamy tune. Thanks to the power of music, you were lifted out of your seat carried off to Cornwall, the realm of King Arthur and his men.
With our beautiful Morgane, named after the powerful enchantress from the King Arthur saga, you have the right companion if you wish to explore the world of Gaelic, Breton, and French folk. With her distinct sound and beautiful design, Morgane is the right choice for advanced and professional players.

The Folk Hero

Music brings people together. Be it in a group of friends, with family, or to meet new people: A song can quickly pick up the mood and make people join in, dance, and sing. For exactly these situations, we developed our loudest two-row accordion, the Vienna Model 2915. Its beautiful design, small dimensions, and low weight make it the perfect companion for social gatherings of all kinds. Play a quick sea shanty at the local pub, initiate an English country dance in the park around the corner, or create the right mood around the fireplace with some American folk. The Vienna Model 2915 is the perfect companion for advanced and professional players who want to be able to carry their accordion around without much hassle.

Corona Series

Corona II Xtreme

The Legendary HOHNER Look

For generations, HOHNER has defined the sound of the Norteño, Tex-Mex, Vallenato, and similar Latin-American musical styles. The characteristic sound was combined with the typical look and feel of the HOHNER Corona Series. For many, the Corona is a part of their heritage and family history. So we decided to bring back the Corona II in her classic shape, with slight improvements to playability and longevity: the Corona II Classic.
Designed for advanced players and professionals, the typical HOHNER sound creates sonic landscapes ready for exploration and reminiscence. Be carried off into the past and enjoy the sound, look, and feel of a true cult classic.

Corona Series
Corona II Classic

The Low Budget Starter Accordion

Beautiful serenades of love and heartbreaking tales of betrayal are interspersed with powerful anthems against social injustice and folk tales from the old days. The variety of topics in Vallenato, Tex-Mex, or Norteño is incredible – as is the number of available accordions. Especially for beginners who want to start into the world of Southern American and Mexican music, it is almost impossible to choose a suitable instrument for their endeavors. Which is why we released the Panther, a beginner’s accordion specifically for Vallenato, Tex-Mex, Norteño, and everything in between – even if you are on a tight budget.

Musica Tipica Series
El Ray Del Vallenato

The Vallenato’s Best Friend

With this beautiful 3-reed accordion for beginners and advanced players, we present an instrument specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Vallenato musician. Create soundscapes to dance, reminisce, and dream to, and carry your audience off into a world of Colombian folklore, full of passion, love, and betrayal. The typical HOHNER sound is combined with an exciting, young design in 5 different colors at an incredible price

Folk Line Series
The Morgane

Musica Tipica Series


Corona Series
Corona II Los Tigres

The Latin Beginner

The typical HOHNER sound, as crisp and voluminous as we know it – but at an incredible price. The compadre is your best friend for your first steps into the world of Norteño, Tex-Mex, and folk punk. Explore the acoustic possibilities of Mexican, Irish, and German folk with this sturdy accordion designed for beginners and advanced players.

Folk Line Series

Folk Line Series


The Travelling Companion

Music brings people together. Nothing draws us in as much as music, nothing is as universally understood as song. Making music together is a pastime many enjoy, and gatherings often turn into parties once a song is initiated. With the Erica, we offer an accordion that is small enough to be easily carried around, making it perfect for those kinds of situations. Be it for some proper old sea shanties at the local pub, a little cumbia session with friends, or some campfire romanticism with American folk songs, Erica is the right companion.

Folk Line Series

The Vienna

The Powerful Small One

We’ve all been there: once you started playing, it’s impossible to stop. Especially, if your audience keeps on dancing. The atmosphere that is created once audience and musician bond over their shared love for music is indescribable and unique.
Especially for Tex-Mex and Norteño, this atmosphere wouldn’t be possible without the right accordion. The sound is just as important as the look, and longevity is a must. Which is why we developed the Corona II Xtreme. The typical HOHNER sound is combined with a sturdy construction and beautiful looks, meeting all the requirements a professional player has for an accordion.

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